Dog Days 'n Mysterious Ways

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Has this been some crazy weather this summer, or what? The first part of it we had gorgeous (albeit dry) weather, but this part? Hot-Hot-HOT! I've started to wear a sweatband outside in the morning to feed and groom the horses. Whoever coined the phrase, "Southern women don't sweat, we glow" is an idiot (well it's either that, or I'm "glowing" like my own personal version of the Northern Lights in the South). Growing up I didn't sweat at all; if I got too hot, I just keeled over. From that perspective I can say it's probably a good thing I do now (that, along with my shoe size, changed after I had a baby). It would be nice, however, if I could be just a tad more subtle about it; maybe a nice gentle sheen or something (in keeping with aforementioned glow, you see).
Sadly, I sweat like a welder working inside a big metal tank in Arizona in the middle of August (how's that for perspective? ;o) Happily, however, I don't smell like one (because that would be really icky). I found this marvelous stuff a year or two ago called Chlorella - have you heard of it? I can't even remember where I stumbled across it, but it's an herbal supplement made from chlorophyll that has been extracted from algae and acts as internal deodorant. Isn't that wild? This is just an FYI (I don't sell it or anything), but here's a link if you're interested. Of course if you decide to jump right on it, it would be nice if you went through GoodShop and chose Epic Farms as your charity.
Just sayin'...
Most of you know I'm a Christian (if not, see disclaimer located in my bio ;o) Most of you also know that DH has been making me crazed by taking forty forevers to finish the doggone visitor area (you know this because I grumble all about it on here). Anyhoo, enter the power of prayer and God's timing (which is so rarely the same as ours, right?). I said an extra one about a week and a half ago, because summer is rapidly running out and I have no desire to mix back to work insanity with the domino effect (this post). My prayer was basically motivational, as DH is completely UNmotivated to finish said Project (my apologies for using the "P" word/swearing - I'll eat some soap later). It wasn't too long after my prayer, that the strangest thing happened. The day before we were to close on our refinance, the bank called and said that even though the appraiser had checked "as is" it was against the underwriter's policy to close with any unfinished construction on the property (this being an unfinished outside wall on the "old" patio, which will become an indoor room as soon as the new feed room is finished).
At first, I was extremely upset - I'll interject here that the girl from the bank called me with this news and not DH; because she didn't want to be the one to have to tell him - the heifer. Thankfully, he is not a bad-tempered king of old (kill the messenger, don'tcha know). It wasn't until he stopped shouting and stomping around and started snarling about needing to finish the outside feed room so he could get to that outside wall (the feed room stuff is currently blocking it) that a glimmer of light appeared to yours truly. The bank said they could extend the closing date (and keep our rate locked) for up to another month to give us time to finish the indoor room. Is God awesome or what?!? Talk about providing some motivation. I'm telling you; the man's pants are positively on fire to finish this project asap (thank you, Lord! ;o)
I've been crocheting in the evenings (if I have enough energy left over that is), and found the coolest pattern on Ravelry; it's for a ginormous granny square (here). For my fellow hookers (ha, ha), it's perfect for using up scrap yarn. My grandmother left me about 40 skeins of baby fingering, and almost none of them match. I've had them for several years with no idea what to use them for. This pattern is perfect; I can use several different colors in each blanket. I'm making blankets to give to a local organization that our church supports. They help pregnant teens/young unwed mothers (great place) and have recently started up a program to help the fathers as well. I finally delivered my Mom's birthday present; she loved it. My dad cracked me up by ooo-ing and ahh-ing over it too, which was rather unexpected albeit entertaining. Here it is on her dining room table:
Of course the first thing I did when I got back home was to gleefully shred that mistake-riddled nightmare of a pattern (whatta pain - yeesh :oP It's all good though; I'm happy with the way it turned out in the end.
Speaking of ending, I'd better get back to work on the patio (rumor has it we're in a BIG hurry ;o) Have a blessed weekend everyone!


  1. We haven't been having the extreme heat here in Saskatchewan, but we are getting to the point where we could certainly use some rain. Oh for those 'perfect' summer days. :)

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend!
    xo Catherine

  2. I am in awe of your crocheting. Love the way your renovations are getting finished too.

  3. Catherine: Seems to be at extremes everywhere this year; way too wet or way too dry (not to mention the heat). It's been very strange to see the temps up north so much higher than ours (not that I'm complaining, mind). You know, I think I could probably do with a couple more of those perfect summer days before school starts again ;o)

    Clancy: Oh thank you; it's great for us fidgety folks who are too tired to move at the end of the day but really hate sitting still. *grin*
    I will be ever so happy to get to the "Ta-Da!" portion of this particular program.

  4. I love the crocheted piece you did for your mom. It's beautiful!

  5. oh I really like the crocheted piece on the table. beautiful.
    It's been a little on the hot side here too. I'm not complaining though it can keep right on going

  6. Dreaming: Thank you so much for the lovely compliment. The tic I developed in my right eye as a result has almost completely disappeared. (Ha ;o)

    Ann: Thank you! We are finally getting some rain (and rain and rain) here, and I'm trying awfully hard to remember how much we need it. I wish there was more summer left too - it's back to the grind for me next week. *sniffle*

  7. That doily is absolutely stunning...

    (BTW - the word verification is awful - Blogger catches most of the spam comments these days - might you consider turning off WV? I had to refresh 3 times before I could make it out...)

  8. Grace: What a lovely compliment; thank you (and I turned the verification off just for you dahlink ;o)

  9. We have had some nasty heat too but I don't think anything like yours. Most ladies don't sweat they perspire I'm told. Well I sweat like you do. You should see me after mucking out the barn and sweeping, waterers etc. Here's to cooling off soon.

    Glad your room is getting finished by pants of fire.

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