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Monday, August 13, 2012

Splicing together my past and present, I will begin this week's post by saying: My off is all, y'all. *giggle* For some reason I found the blend of Pennsylvania Dutch and Southernese to be rather funny (well, except for the reality part. Translation: My vacation is over everyone; time has run out. This has been the best all around summer I have had in a very long time. No surgical procedures, hospital visits or major medical maladies. Hooray! I've actually felt human through most of it too, trumping last summer (an almost forgotten experience, that, as I felt meh on most days last year :oP So I'm not ready for it to end yet. Plus I'll really miss that time with the horses every morning. *sniffle* This is my favorite back to school shot of Bella with her backpack - from this post - so I thought I'd recycle it. Snarky Rider generously gave us a big surprise with some exposure on her famous (infamous? ;o) blog by posting some Bella pics (here). This was following a discussion on her post about Arabian heads and brainless breeding practices resulting in waaay too much of a nice trait (check out the horse in the middle here who looks like he ran into a brick wall - and eek).
Snarky has some great posts often with lots of food for thought and, as her name and logo suggest, she dishes them out with a generous side of sarcasm. And boy oh boy does she find some doozies. Like the woman on Craig's List who is offering two horses for trade to any licensed MD; one horse for liposuction and the other for - umm, well..... You know what? I think I'll just let you read that one for yourself; it's here. Who even thinks this way?!? *slaps hand over eyes*. Yeesh. I'll ask you to give Snarky a vote on Bloggers too, if you have a minute (that's here).
And that's probably enough of the click here stuff wouldn't you agree? Just say: "Here, here" Bwahahahaha *cough* Er, sorry.
We are, I hope, finally inching away from drought conditions. Literally. My rain gauge (#4) broke and I haven't bought another as yet, but according to my dad we've had about ten inches so far this week (and wow). It may not be the world's greatest shot, but I liked the big rainy kersplash on the left side of this picture. It kinda looks like a weird plastic leaf. Speaking of rainy weather, I have to say that while I am all about family and togetherness I like my personal space. The stalls for the girls are about 10 x 10, which is not very big but it is plenty of room for them as they are only in there periodically. Although we have five girls and five stalls (and I'm not a mathematician, but I'm mostly sure that equals one apiece), I come upon the same laughable scenario just about every single time we get a heavy rain. Can you say let's play sardines?
Yep, that's three horses all stuffed in the same stall. *rolls eyes* Maybe it's like it is with people; when there's a big scary storm, everybody goes and climbs into bed with mom (which would be Lady :o) Sarabear is in her stall to the right, and Bella (the non-conformist of the group) is standing outside in front of the stalls.
Seems Brains N' Brawn are back at it again; maybe next weekend I'll finally be able to post some "look at my pretty feed room" shots and wouldn't that be nice?!? (A girl's gotta dream, right? *sigh*)
They got the side door up for bringing the feed in - like a loading door, I suppose - and then went to work on the "front" doors to the feed room. I love the wrought iron hinges we used; I'll get a better photo for you next post. The best part? They didn't cost any more than the butt-ugly steel hinges (and let's hear it for beauty on a budget - Woot! :o) Look:

Oh, and like our ginormous puddle? I told you we got some serious rain ;o) Guess I'd better get back out there (clock's still ticking and tomorrow's D-day, don'tcha know). Have a blessed week everyone!


  1. Lovely news about the rain! I live in semi-arid country and know the blessing of rain. :)

  2. Whoops, hit enter too soon. Really glad to hear you had such a rejuvenating summer break this year.

  3. Hooray for a great summer and feeling human!

    Just don't remind me that it is (almost) over.

  4. So many good things; rain, safe & healthy summer, horses - what more could a gal want?!

  5. Don't ya just hate it when you're on a roll and it has to come to an end. Glad you had a good summer

  6. Clancy: This was the worst drought we've ever had; so I'm extremely thankful for the rainfall (even the thunderboomers ;o)
    Clancy2: 'ees okay. *laugh* Me too!

    Val: Big time, sistafriend (sorry about the reality check :o)

    Dreaming: A million dollars? Just sayin' *grin*

    Ann: And doesn't that always seem to be the way it goes? Thanks - me too :o)

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