E-maregency Guest Post

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hi Everybuddy!

This is Taya posting for Mom (me an Lady R helpin ;o) Mom sed she hadda post something, but couldn't quite get hear. We sed we can doo it. She looked kinda skared, but sed "O.K."

Mom sed she is 'speriencing non-technickel diffy-cull-tees (or somethin like that, N. E. way). An she sed she wood have a coughee and a doe-nut post nex time to tell y'all what wuz going's a LOT. Sorree if we messed up our werds - Mom sed use spill check, but we don't no whut that is.


Taya (the pretty won on the left)
Lady (who dint wanna smile 'cuz she sez the camera maked her look reely FAT :o)


  1. who needs spill check when you've got horse sense. You two did an excellent job of filling in. Hope everything is ok with your mom.

  2. I am wishing good thoughts for your mom.

  3. :) I have been hoping everything is ok with your mum. :

  4. I hope everything is OK!!!
    Sending good thoughts!
    xo Catherine

  5. No need for spill check because we can understand what you want to say. How’s mom? Anyway, you’re good at sharing your thoughts, keep it up! Looking forward for more blogs of you guys.

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