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Monday, September 10, 2012

I'm not quite sure how I ended up with doctor's visits two weeks in a row, but I did. For those of you who missed last week's medical misadventure - and its corresponding wardrobe malfunction - you'll find it here. This week's visit was to the Neurologist for my annual nerve conduction study and muscle test (and yippee, right? ;o) Color me picky, but I think I'd much rather go for the yearly trip to the beach or something that didn't involve sudden shocks and sharp needles (wouldn't you?) Unlike last week's doc, who said it wasn't "his area", my neuro was a bit concerned about the "soft spots" that have appeared on my skull. He is sending me to have my head examined- ha, ha - via CT scan and bone window next week. Oh goody, a hospital test. Meh. Of course those of you who have been here for awhile are probably considering this particular test long overdue (and are already well aware that I am "soft in the head". *laugh*
I found this video clip quite by accident last week, and have watched it umpteen times between fits of hysterical laughter. Initially I thought "Denver" was blind because his eyes stayed closed for so long, but he isn't. What he is, is totally guilty. I found the clip on this lens on Squidoo.

For my email friends (you just gotta go watch ;o) click here to see it. This poor guy has definitely taken a guilty conscience to the next level. Oh my!
Still plugging away at the feed room, which is progressing ever so slowly (good thing I'm such a patient soul, and all - HAH!).

DH still has to put the ceiling in - which will probably be in about 50 years - so I figure I have plenty of time to get my stuff done in the meantime. I wish everything didn't have to take so doggone long; it seems by the time I get everything together to work on it I end up with about 30 minutes left in my time slot to do any actual work. Most annoying. I went to a church meeting Saturday afternoon still wearing my "stupid Saturday hair" because I decided to work an extra 5 minutes (which turned into 35) so I didn't have time to do much beyond a basic wardrobe change. Yeesh. The photos are rather dark and have a yellowish cast to them. Reason being; the light bulbs are "bug lights", which are yellow but do not attract insects. I don't know about your area, but when I go outside after the end of daylight savings time hitting the light switch usually results in a mass moth-ing (pass).

I ran out of cove molding for the Moo Crew's door, so I switched to tucking shelves in between the wall studs using leftover brackets and wood scraps from past projects (excuse me for swearing). I put the deeper shelves and the grooming totes on the back wall, where I would (hopefully) not bang into them on a regular basis. The drawers that came with Sarabear's SmartPak medicine fit perfectly over the feed dolly.
  It's really surprising how many of the product bottles and little tubs will fit into these skinny spaces (and color me grateful that they do!)
 I paid $5 for the big wire basket at a local dollar store which went out of business. I planned to go back to buy more of these handy fixtures, but by the time I scrounged up a few more dollars my next payday they had already closed their doors. Rats. Oh well, at least we have one nifty place to stash horse toys, right?
I've LOTS left to do - but as you can see I am getting there (even if it is at the speed of turtle ;o) Have a blessed week everyone, and thanks so much for reading this far!


  1. I think your room is coming along nicely. It will get done eventually and be so useful.

    Hope your test goes okay and shows that you aren't soft in the head but just have a great sense of humor.

  2. Maybe the soft spots just mean that you are still a youngen :) Seriously good luck with the test.
    I laughed like crazy over that video, that was so stinkin cute

  3. GreyHorse: Thanks. Sometimes I think it's even harder to be patient the closer it gets to completion; the brain just gets hung up on "GoGoGo, hurry, Hurry, HURRY!" (and I am SO there right now). Meh :oP

    My biggest thing was maybe a little head's up if the top of my head was going to cave in or something (gives me time to find a fashionable crash helmet to start sporting *laugh*). After all those other medical misadventures, this isn't much over a small blip on my radar (and the Lord's got me covered ;o)

  4. Ann: Well I AM pretty immature, come to think of it ;o)

    Was that not the funniest thing? I've seen plenty of guilty expressions over the years from canine to kid, but that one totally took the cake (IMHO).

  5. Poor Denver, that video is so funny. If that could be trained with performance horses that is definitely amazing – horse that could grin like that. 

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