Malfunction Junction: Such Dysfunction!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

You know, I make jokes all the time about being chief operating officer of the duct tape and band-aid brigade, but honestly? It's not really all that far from the truth. Sometimes I think nothing around here works when I/we need it. Do you ever have that problem? We seem to be having non-technical difficulties inside and out this week. Why is it (as long as I'm on a min-rant here *laugh*) that I struggled to get my computer and phone to sync, which was supposed to be easy-peasy but developed digital hiccups, yet our refrigerator and oven are deteriorating in perfect synchronicity? The oven has either a malfunctioning keypad or "box". Naturally, both items are heinously expensive to replace, and (of course) there's no way to know for sure which one needs to be replaced (replacing both would be more than half the cost of a new oven). As a result, we're learning to do the "new math". Baking at 400 is done at 399 (the zero doesn't work) and setting the timer for 40 minutes equates 39:59 (because the 1, 4, and 7 don't work either). Pretty annoying, but until I win the lottery (and HaHaHa) I can afford to be annoyed more than I can afford a new oven. The refrigerator has decided it would rather be a freezer, and for some reason it has started freezing anything we put on the bottom shelf. [Photo inset: my duct tape stash - DH calls it 100mph tape}

Surprisingly, DH, his work schedule and the weather all cooperated (a rare happenstance, that ;o) and I was SO thankful considering the twelve foot weeds in the pasture. Too bad the sprayer had a flat tire; one which had no desire to air back up. The tire was unwilling to be removed, a small war ensued, and many bad words were snarled. (Jen bailed in the heat of the battle ;o) Didn't I say I was waiting for the other shoe to drop? Kerplunk. Of course by the time the tire was repaired it was too doggone dark out to spray. Why was I even surprised? The chainsaw has also crumped, which makes perfect sense since DH and I found another tree down in the far back corner of the pasture. It is on the fence (where else?) and though it didn't break - whew! - it did compress it, so we need to get it off before you-know-who finds it and decides to see if Mr. T. still has a vegetable patch in his yard (I am, of course, referring to Mad Max, who else?) While we do have a second fence beyond that one, you can't be too careful when dealing with a hoovenile delinquent, and I'd rather be sane than sorry (and no, that wasn't a typo *grin*) [Photo inset: messy, but you can see how the fence is compressed and just see the trunk in the top left corner of the photo]

One of the things that did go well this week was I got to shoot a bird (bwahahaha ;o) No, no, no, not that kind silly! Anni, if you're 'listening' - I got him I got him I got him! The Cardinal. The one I've been stalking for months. I swear, any time I stepped outside, sans camera, he was right there. If I had the camera with me, he was gone in a flash (HA that was a good one ;o) He'd stop just out of sight and start singing. Mocking me. I know that's exactly what he was doing; the little cretin. I'm pretty sure I've taken about a hundred lousy photos of him, although I think I did get one other shot that wasn't too awful awhile back. Actually, I suppose we had considerably more than just one thing. This is as far as I got with my post this week. Why? Because DD and her entourage have been here for most of it, and she's been helping me with the patio project (excuse me for swearing).
Between DD, Kimby and our pint-sized volunteers (this post), we've gotten quite a bit accomplished in the past two weeks *WOOT* Here is a photo update of our progress (along with a couple of other random and irrelevant shots because, well.... because ;o)

Random like this tiny Carolina Wren who finally paused long enough for me to grab a hasty shot with the camera. They're almost never still, but they are SO cute!

Okay, okay, back on task here. DD helped me lug the half barrel planter around to the patio and I planted some Zinnias in it. Maybe next year I can put a knockout rose in there (that's what I wanted to start with, but the checkbook said NO *laugh*). Have to say I do love the mixed colors and blooms though. Aren't they pretty?

I finally hung the welcome sign my Mom bought me forever and a day ago next to a hanging basket with some Summer Purslane. I'll take an updated photo once it grows a bit more - it's very pretty too. Should I add that people will be coming from the other direction, so that's why it's backwards?

The entourage supervised from their favorite place on the planet: the big drum. I think they like feeling "tall". Faith seems to be saying, "What? We're sunning." (the lawn mower has also been acting up; can you tell? The dogs almost completely disappear in the grass - we can only see their tails ;o)

We got the outhouse sign hung (remember my Picture Happy Potty Post? Click here if you missed it) and the hose minder up. Now I just have to finish painting the sink so DH can hook it up and we can have water! *WOOT* Not the best shot, but you get the idea...

I tried to capture a bird perched high up in the tree top, but he took off. I still got him, but it's definitely not the crisp, clear shot I was looking for (guess I'll take it, though ;o)

The best thing? I finally finished painting the horse DD cut out for me a REALLY long time ago and we hung it up by the sink. I've got another neat welcome sign made out of horseshoes that I think I'll put up there (we want our visitors to feel really, really welcome *laugh*). We also moved one of Bella's pedestals over by the sink so little kids could borrow it to wash their hands after visiting the horses. I think she did an awesome job. What do you think?

I have to say, we were all pretty doggone (hee) worn out by the end of each day. We got quite a bit done; though there's lots left to do. I really hope there aren't any horrible errors and/or typos in this post, as I have not been very diligent in my proofreading this week (I'm pretty doggone tired myself). If I've made any, please accept my profound apologies. As for now, it's time to get back to work. *groan*

Have a blessed week everyone!


  1. So, sorry about everything going kaput at once. That happens to me too. Worse yet, when we decide to splurge on an expensive item we want, but don't necessarily need, right after the money leaves our hands is when all the appliances and power tools and cars break down.

    While you have welcome signs around your place, I have a motion activated talking lawn gnome that throws out insults to anyone who crosses the threshold of my front door. I really don't like unexpected guests and do everything I can to encourage people to make appointments. Ha ha.

  2. Why is it everything seems to conspire to quit at the same time? And it's usually when the funds are low. Ugh. I love your creativity with baking though! Been there!

  3. Duck/Duct tape is my best friend.

    Delightful read even if I laughed at your expense. You can laugh next time.

    Have a delightful and progressively better weekend ahead.

  4. that's just so typical that everything breaks down at once. Well at least it is in my house. Your daughter did a great job with that horse. It looks awesome.

  5. :) Ditto about things breaking down at once and I love your solution to the oven keypad not working. My congratulations to DD on the horse cutout - breath taking.

  6. The dogs have a great spot to relax on. I wish my dog had something like that. The flying bird picture is great. I love those.

  7. NuzzMuzz: Let me clarify by saying that the welcome signs are tucked behind the house; in the visitor area. Farm visits are by appointment only. *laugh* I am definitely NOT a fan of "drop-ins" (since they always seem to happen when I have bed head, am dressed in my most appalling attire, and - of course - am all sweaty and dirty from some major project or mad cleaning bender).

    Hadn't thought about hiring an obnoxious gnome to forestall such things; definitely something to think about ;o)

  8. Lin: Gotta be one of Murphy's Laws - they're the most annoying, right? I realized just yesterday when I thought the brownies I was baking for church needed another minute or two that that wasn't gonna happen either. *laugh* Two minutes and twenty two seconds is as low as we can go. *sigh*

  9. DH calls duct tape 100 mile-an-hour tape. Apparently that's the speed at which he can fix things with it. Feel free - I laugh at myself on a regular basis ;o)

    Thanks for the well wishes!

  10. Ann: Didn't she though? She's an incredibly talented woodworker, though right now she doesn't get the opportunity to do much with it. You got a jump start on next week's post (I published it by accident *rolls eyes*). How does that go again? The hurrier I go, the behinder I get (and the more mistakes I make ;o)

  11. Clancy: Seems to be a general consensus on it, doesn't there? Glad you liked the horse; I was so excited to finally be able to hang it up!

  12. Ratty: That drum was actually put there for the horses; we just haven't gotten quite that far in our training ;o) I am probably going to try to find some other things to put in there for the dogs; maybe some agility stuff? Diamond gets bored and starts digging holes (naturally, Faith copies her). Going to have to find them all and fill them all in before we can let the horses back in there. Always something, right? Happy to see you again! ;o)

  13. It always feels good to get a big job accomplished.

    We don't have fire ants here yet but I'm sure they're coming.

    Thanks for visiting. Have a great day.

  14. Gail: It does indeed, though we are still at the WIP (work in progress ;o) stage right now. Fire Ants are a huge problem here - I'd never seen them until we moved to Florida (I do remember reading about them though). Would have been awfully nice if I could have remained mostly clueless there. *laugh*

    You are most welcome, and you do the same!

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