Mad Max and the X-factor

Monday, May 30, 2011

I don't know about you, but I have a terrible time crossing things off my "To Do" lists. I have no problem making the lists; I do it all the time (in fact I'm pretty sure that there are about 100 different lists floating around here on various scraps of paper, index cards and sticky notes), so why do I keep making new ones to misplace?? Hope springs eternal? Noooo, more like some kind of self-inflicted stupidity (ha). I am also a total victim of Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder*. Between that, running [into] Special OPS (Other Peoples shhStuff), and a series of circular projects I can't seem to get anything done. Ever. It's making me demented. Do you have trouble with this? My house looks to be decorated in what can only be described as Early American Hoarder (boxes of Epic Farms stuff and filing cabinets stuck everywhere and anywhere they'll fit). I haven't seen my dining room table since Christmas, and there was a humongous paper avalanche in my office the other day. Thankfully, I made it out alive (although I believe I did take another giant step closer to "The Deep End"). Probably a good thing we don't have small children or indoor pets; we'd never find them. It's making me crazed, and I wasn't that far off from it to begin with.
For those of you wondering what on earth a series of circular projects is, it is a group of projects that are completely co-dependent. Like human co-dependents, each one does not function particularly well on its own. Example: The shop inventory for Epic Farms on Etsy and Wysiwigs currently overwhelming *cough* occupying the guest bedroom will be moved into the old office (which is crammed full of Christmas decorations and other storage-type stuff). The storage type stuff will move to a [not yet built] monster closet on the "old" patio, which is presently the feed/tack room but will (someday before I die) become an indoor Epic Farms area. The feed and tack will move into the new feed and tack room which (of course) does not yet exist beyond the concrete floor. I am waiting (ever so impatiently) for DH to hurry up and finish the "outhouse" so we can get started on the feed and tack room. A friend doing a remodel donated the *ahem* pot-tay; concrete was mixed and put around the pipe last night. Um, no pressure honey (really), but how's it coming?? Are we close to being ready for walls? I can definitely help with that. No, we can't leave it like this even if you do think it's much better than a tree. (Um, dear? Your Redneck is showing ;o) Oh, before I forget (again), have you seen my project list? I've misplaced [definitely lost] it. Did you find it? Me neither. I can't remember what I was going to do while the concrete is drying.
Guess I'll start a new list. Oy.
We CAN cross another school year off the list though; at least for students. I have a few more days left to go, but we are almost there. Ask me if I didn't have several versions of the Hallelujah Chorus running through my head when the announcement to load buses came Friday afternoon. Sometimes I think the last week of school exists for the sole purpose of torturing all of the grownups employed by the school system. To those of you who have never experienced it, all I can tell you is it completely and utterly transcends an "Are we there yet?" scenario from a 10 hour car ride with no A/C and multiple kids who argue, whine and complain incessantly from the back seat. If the CIA went for stuff like that instead of waterboarding, there's no telling how much intel they could get. The classroom teacher and I spent some time in therapy this week via a color sheet copied for the kids (photo inset). Do any of you still like to color? I do to a point, although I'll admit I got a little tired of it after awhile. I didn't get a picture of it after I'd finished; I gave it away to the student who asked if she could please, please, pleeeeeze have it. Hmmm...I wonder if she'll take it home and put it on the refrigerator. You think? ;o)
I've been trying to spend some time with Max, our resident problem child (on the left next to Champ). We are practicing the art of standing still. For those of you who are thinking that's kind of a strange thing to practice, picture Max as a young, seriously hyperactive kid with aspirations to become a world famous boxer. As far as his pasture mates are concerned, Max has turned annoying into an art form. He is all up in your face wanting attention but ducking and dodging at 90 mph to avoid getting beaned (his barnyard buddies are apparently FAR less subtle about correction than I am). This is compounded by the fact that he is extremely excited to have my undivided attention. Unfortunately, he is also jealous and doesn't want anyone else beating his time. This means any time another horse gets near his stall he has a hissy and lunges at them after quickly trying to push me around to his other side so he can "keep" me all to himself. I'm mostly sure he's starting to think I've changed his name to "HOLD STILL TURKEY!" Little booger actually knocked my glasses off the other day before he remembered what he was supposed to be doing. *sigh* We've been working in his double stall, but could definitely use more room to maneuver. Join up time; definitely. Hopefully, we can get some kind of round pen back up early this summer and really make some progress. I should probably add that to my list; if I can find it (*rolls eyes*). Guess that means Mad Max will be attending summer school this year ;o)
Have a blessed Memorial Day (and rest of the week) everyone. Please pray for those who serve now, and many many thanks to all of the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for this country. After all, without them we might not even have the freedom to spend the day grilling out and visiting with friends and family. So thank you all!
Thanks for reading, and see y'all next week.
*Visit Joke of the Day to read an alarmingly accurate post on this particular disorder :o)


  1. I love making 'to do' lists as well. I just don't always like doing what's on the list either! :)

    Sounds like you have a lot to do ~ hope it all goes easy this week!

    Take care Jen!
    xo Catherine

  2. I think it's quite possible that we were separated at birth. I'm always making lists and I'm always 1)losing them and 2)never crossing anything off of them. I do add to them frequently. Aside from lists I also jot down notes on little pieces of paper that get lost in the jungle of papers on my desk.
    So forget the lists, lets go color :)

  3. Catherine: You know what really gets me? I used to be SO good at ticking off every single item on my lists (faithfully). Now I'm just plain ol' ticked because I can't find my doggone lists *laugh*
    Ann: Coloring? Boo yeah! I am all OVER that :o)

  4. My kids and husband always laugh at me with all my list of "to dos". I used to have them taped to the refrigerator door for each kid when they were home. (they got ignored for the most part).

    I've got lots of circular projects around here and that is why nothing gets done. I think it's because it all seems to daunting to think of tackling the whole thing. If I could just start with one small job and play it forward...

    Glad you're out of school for the summer, I'm sure you'll have plenty to do to keep you busy. Max sounds like a cute little guy.

  5. I am afraid to make lists. I'm already overwhelmed but I think putting all I need to do down on paper might just push me over the edge.

    Sometimes I think my place is decorated is some form of hoarder too although I can see most of the top of my dining room table which is not the usual.

  6. GreyHorse: I have been known (when annoyed) to hijack my daughter's laptop and leave, in its place, a ToDo list. Sort of like a ransom note, don'tcha know. Amazing how fast kids can cross things off a list when properly motivated *grin*.
    Max is many, many things but I'm not entirely sure that cute is one of them ;o)
    RisingRainbow: Most days I feel like I'm right there at the edge; one foot dangling into the void and the other one on a banana peel *laugh*. Sure is nice to know I'm not the only one!

  7. Oho ,I TOTALLY get the to-do list thing. I am starting to think that the more I have to do, the less I get done. Ridiculous.
    Hope you're doing well!
    Hugs and prayers,
    Meg and Arwen

  8. I totally get the to do list thing. I'm starting to think that the more I have to do, the less I get done. Ridiculous!
    Hope you're well, hugs and prayers as always :)
    Meg and Arwen

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