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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Now I'm not the brightest bulb on the porch (a fact I've readily admitted on more than one occasion) but these days I feel like I'm spending inordinate amounts of time just scratching my head in puzzlement. Do you ever feel that way? Friday morning, I received an email from a local scrapbook store inviting me to a "Midnight Craft n' Crop" at 10:00a.m. (and silly me, as I always thought that was mid morning). Apparently I don't have the whole concept of time mastered nearly as well as I thought I did. 
I made the simple dessert in the above photo last Sunday for dinner at my parent's house (it's sinfully delicious and very easy to make, by the way, by layering ice cream sandwiches, cool whip, and chocolate syrup as many times as you feel like it...yum! ;o) Anyway, I found myself pondering the label on the syrup bottle:
Is anyone besides me confused by the phrase, "Genuine Chocolate Flavor"? As opposed to what? Fake chocolate flavor? How can you fake a flavor? Wouldn't that be some kind of oxymoron? I dunno, maybe I'm just losing it...if I ever had it in the first place, that is).
Of course when I got to my parent's house, I realized I wasn't the only one who was sometimes confused. My Dad expressed similar sentiments over the reasoning skills (or maybe it's just reading skills) of a local home improvement store's employees following a delivery of roofing materials. Duuuuudes, seriously?
On another note, I guess I won't be doing any gardening for awhile (we are, of course, pretending I had big plans to do so soon - Ha - not). I walked out the door the other day to find it occupied by four very hungry little birdies peeping and cheeping away. I believe they are Wrens. Can you see the dried grass just barely poking out from underneath my hand rake and pruning loppers? Although I have to admit I don't appreciate the bird poop in the garage, I just haven't got the heart to disturb them, so I decided to try to take pictures of them every day (or as often as I can remember to ;o) It's fairly difficult to get good photos, as it's dark underneath there and the zoom is having trouble focusing. I managed to get this one, which I thought turned out rather well (another happy accident!)

I am absolutely delighted to announce the addition of two more victims [so sorry] er, volunteers at Epic Farms. The first is Ann from over at Scrap, Edit, Snap. This photo is of Duke, her Westie, and the apple of her eye - isn't he cute? (I'm sure he's probably looking over her shoulder as she works; he keeps a pretty watchful eye on things over there). Ann has graciously agreed to loan us her assistance with any digital dilemmas we may be facing: she has some bodacious skills with Photoshop :o) She's what I've dubbed a virtual volunteer, as she lives hundreds of miles away. I have to tell you, though, her help is extremely important to us no matter where she is geographically. In fact, she is this very minute helping us with a supersecret fund raising idea. Thank you Ann!
The next is slightly shorter and definitely closer. Her name is Abby and she came out and worked for a few hours Saturday morning helping us get the meeting area ready for the concrete man (who is coming next week - Woo!)
To be honest, the "before" photo is probably closer to a "during" photo (but who says that?) The Jasmines - Confederate and Asian - were running completely amok and the back side of the house had almost disappeared under some serious jungle growth. Word to the wise: should you ever decide to plant a species of Jasmine, figure on some major excavating equipment should you ever have the need to remove it. Even Tilly couldn't get it all out (OY!).
Of course all work and no play makes volunteers just run away, sooooo....
We played around with the horses a bit (and maybe got just a little silly in the process ;o) Thank you for your help Abby!
 Have a wonderful week everyone, and don't forget to have some FUN!


  1. Apparently I have the same confusion with telling time as you do. That one has me baffled.
    Duke and I thank you for the mention. I'm more than happy to help in any virtual way I can :) Even if I may have been a bit brain dead on my

  2. Ann: Glad I'm not the only one *grin*. You are most welcome for the mention, your help is already proving to be invaluable!

  3. I totally don't get the whole "genuine" flavor thing. If it is just a flavor, why bother? Dunno... glad you guys are ok with all the storms that have been going on. I confess to having more than once stopped all I was doing and praying to God that you, the family, the horses and farm are all ok :)
    Hope you're well, the meeting area looks great!

  4. I think I gained 5 lbs just looking at that chocolate dessert!

    I read on someone's blog the other day about the fact that a lemonade drink had 'artificial lemon flavor' in it and some furniture polish had 'real lemons' in it.

    The world is a crazy place isn't it?

    Glad you make it a brighter place Jen!!!
    xo Catherine

  5. :) Love the comments about silly notices on things. My favourite is the nut and chocolate bar which comes with this on the label: "Warning: may contain traces of nuts". Well I hope so, & I hope there's more than a trace!!!

  6. Meghann: Isn't that just silly? Yes, we were very blessed (and thank you SO much for the prayers; those are always most appreciated! :o) I would love to have a little more energy but overall I am doing well; can't complain (doesn't do much good, does it? *laugh*).
    Catherine: I think I'm going to wait a month or ten before making another (seeing as how I ate half of it and all - urp ;o) That's hilarious about the lemon (and why does it not surprise me??) Thank you for the compliment; what a lovely thing to say! *blush*
    Clancy: HA! That's a good one *giggle* I used to go crazy over the old Zenith TV commercials; "Just look at that fabulous color..." Duuuude, the color is only as good as the color on the TV you are watching it on [duhhh]. That one and the free contest stuff written on packaging; "No purchase necessary to enter, details inside..." Somehow, I always assumed that the owner would vehemently object to me ripping open the chip bag in the store to get those details, ya know? ;o)

  7. "Genuine chocolate flavor" well that's confusing. I once bought a bag of that artificial snow around Christmastime, the bag was labeled
    "Real fake snow". I liked that one too.

    Glad your patio is coming along and you all got some silly fun in with the big sunglasses. Have a good week.

  8. GreyHorse: Real fake snow? So would that be as in seriously - very, very - fake or genuinely - totally authentic - fake?
    Darn it, I'm confused again :o]
    That is, of course, on top of the nut warning in the chocolate nut bar, and fake lemonade vs. real lemon furniture polish. Geez, what next? (I am just sure I should NOT ask). Thanks for the visit ;o)

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