Another one of those Whattaweeks ;o)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Categorically speaking, that is...
First things first: We're having a giveaway - Woo! Hopefully, it will make you smile and help us with our fund raising all at the same time. It's a roomy lightweight tote by Q-Tees of California which features a screened print of a beautiful bay horse on the front. In addition, I made a matching horse blanket keyring to go with it. Yay! To enter, just give us a helping hand, hoof, paw, wing, foot or fin (did I miss anyone?) with our fund raising efforts by copying the ChipIn widget on the sidebar - top left - and adding it to your blog for the next two weeks and don't forget to leave the link in a comment! You don't have to donate anything (unless you want to), but it would be nice if you put the widget somewhere your readers could see it (and if you decide to leave it up after the two weeks is over it would be most appreciated). If you don't have a Blogger blog, there is one for Facebook, My Space, www website and/or Wordpress, etc. (just click on copy, then "more options" to generate the appropriate code or change the size and/or color). Here's the tote, isn't pretty?

The keyring has a small lanyard on it, so you can hook it to your purse (for those of you who are like me and always losing your keys ;o) Our liability insurance premium comes due next month, and I am really sweating this one out as the money just isn't there. We're not quite where we thought we'd be at this time last year with groups already scheduled in advance and on site donations coming in (this post). We have about $65 so far, most of it from an unexpected and generous donation by a reader (can I thank you by name on the blog Ms. Aussie?) Although I am an interpreter for an elementary school, it was not always so. My background contains enough legal and administrative experience to know that I do NOT wish to have visitors/operate Epic Farms without liability insurance. I know of a number of non-profits who were forced by their finances to let their insurance lapse, but to me it is a very dangerous game of [one wrong move] roulette that could put you out of business in a heartbeat. Not to mention completely ruin your life. I'm hoping the more places we have the widget, the more likely we'll be to get some online donations. Guess we'll find out soon enough, right?
And now allow me to recap my Whattaweek one day at a time: 
Sunday was sneaky and snarky: Seems I have a stalker...(remember small problem?)
This is Josie. She is supposed to live next door, but she found a gap in the fence so she's been spending most of her time over here. I put her back about 973 different times, but she obviously possesses some major mystical powers because she instantaneously re-materialized back at my feet every single time. I suppose it's okay, but we ARE going to have to have a discussion about "The Rules". That chair is mine-Mine-MINE missy:

Monday was meanieweenie day: I got shot (twice). Cortisone injection in each hip for Bursitis, which is terribly painful. I can't say I enjoyed the shot either (because OW) but hopefully I'll be a bit more mobile with only Arthur to contend with. I did, however, have to really fight the urge to laugh while grooming Sara that morning. Bella is quite the jealous tart, and was just about to take a nice big chunk out of Sara's *ahem* boo-tay when I yelled (her mouth was wide open, but I wasn't quite quick enough on the draw with the camera phone). Bella tried to convince me that I completely misread her intent, but for some reason I just didn't buy it:

Tuesday was...(is) tragic: Because it's missing. I'm sorry, did I have a Tuesday this week? Apparently I didn't as I have absolutely no clue what I did that day (and how sad is that? *rolls eyes*). Must have been due to left over trauma from the shots ;o) 
Wednesday was one of those whiny "Why Me" days: Sponsored by; Who DOES this stuff? Coming around the corner of the house, I was blinded by the sun hitting a discarded piece of one [lousy] inch wide Z-Flashing from the patio roof that was laying at just the right angle to catch the sun. Unable to see for a moment, I stepped right into the shallow hole at the water cut off valve - the one I had been watching for until I was blinded by the light *SNARL* - and twisted my ankle. So now I'm hipping and hobbling around like an idiot. Raspberries!  Of course it did leave me with an interesting question to contemplate: Does this make DH a flasher?? He put it there after all. Bwah-ha-ha-ha *cough* sorry.
Thursday was a day to be thankful: We got RAIN! Funny how sometimes the sky is so pretty right before the bottom falls out...
Friday was freak out over finances day: DD's front tire started separating, which meant we had to buy two new 17" tires as the other one was pretty sad too (thankfully, the back ones were still good). Why did we buy her a truck again? Oh yeah, woodworking. *sigh*. Outside of the horses and medical bills, I think that was the fastest $300 I've ever spent. Oy. Have to say I can think of about a thousand other things I could do with that money right now, (like the liability insurance), but definitely not at the expense of DD's safety.
Saturday was spectacular sunset day: It's amazing how the same sky can be so varied depending on the direction of your gaze. I tilted the camera for the first shot...
This one didn't need my help at all:
I did hit the "vivid" setting for the last shot (just curious ;o) But you know what? After looking at it, I really don't think God's artwork needs any help do you?
Hope your week was a wonderful one!


  1. OK then, I put it on my blog - I hope it helps! (

  2. Thank you so much Grace! Maybe this will also help folks to discover new and interesting blogs (I enjoy reading yours :o)

  3. Hello there! Such wonderful work you do, I will post the widget on my Facebook page for PawPrintsCouture. Many blessings and the best for you and our equine friends!

  4. Thank you for helping us PawPrints! We'll have to see if we can find you on Facebook (I'm pretty easily confused on there sometimes ;o)

  5. But of course the widget is now sitting pretty on the side bar of

    You had some week there. Love those sunsets.

  6. Thank you Ann! It was quite a week, wasn't it? *laugh* I'm hoping this one will be more productive and less expensive *grin*.
    Me and my obsession with the sky, right? Glad you liked 'em ;o)

  7. Wow, I'll put your widget thingy on my blogs at some point today, but don't enter me for the contest, I've already received too many generous things from you :)
    Sorry to hear about your whattaweek, I'm sure it will get better!
    Hugs and prayers,

  8. Hi!

    I've posted this to my Facebook business page. I hope that will help!

    Never a dull moment over your way, I see.

    Josie is SO CUTE! :P

  9. Thank you Meghann! I'll be glad to leave you out of the contest; will you take a hug instead? (they're free ;o)

    Thanks so much Jaylynn; maybe you can explain to me how to get the doggone thing on Facebook (never could figure it out :oP
    She is kinda cute, isn't she?

  10. haha! Love it that pup keeps on coming over to your side of the fence. Clearly she knows a good thing when she sees it. Perhaps she will share the chair with you... ;)

    xo Catherine

  11. Catherine: I'm just hoping we don't have a puppy pancake anytime soon, as she has also taken to wandering into the yard where the girls are. *sigh*

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