Fine Dining in New Digs

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Monday, July 13th

I am happy to report that except for the roof, the stalls are done! We've had a couple of runs of musical rooms, but other than that the girls have settled into their new quarters nicely.

Pictured on the left are Lady and Rina in their new rooms. Looking good girls!! :o)

Rickey found some nice gate latches (not that we use them very often, but you never know) and then added a 2x4 across each of the dividers to keep greedy little noses out of other people's buckets at mealtimes. Thank you again EFA (Etsy for Animals) for helping to make the Girls' new stalls a reality!


  1. Great news! I like the latches (only horse people would, right?), and I hope Mr. Roof guy gets back to you soon :)

  2. The new digs look great, although I know nothing about building such things. I just think you are having fun with your tasks. Great site!

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