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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Believe it or not, this small "pile" of metal in the back of this truck constitutes 1.6 TONS of metal roofing material (wow). Rickey made the haul with the farm truck, and though it won't win any beauty contests - can you say RUSTY?? - at least you know we're not spending people's donations on a luxury vehicle for us, right? (apparently not :o)

He was a little leery about hauling it in the back of the truck, but made the trip without any trouble. We were very blessed to have gotten a great deal from the sheet metal manufacturing company by being willing to use a discontinued color that they had leftover - works for me!

Before we could start putting the roof on, however, we had to run some lumber across the frame to anchor it to...

After that, we were ready to start putting on the roof - hooray!

I think the name of the color was light bronze, although I'll be the first to admit it looks more like a light taupe to me (but who cares about the color anyway? I'm thinking the girls certainly don't :o)

There was a bit of a hiccup getting it started (apparently the frame is not quite square so a few adjustments had to be made before they were off and running, or should I say roofing?

Of course "you know who" just HAD to come and park herself right smack in the middle of everything to see what was going on...

Once they got going, they made fairly short work of the first run. Looks pretty darn good so far, doesn't it?

Thank you so much for reading about our progress...See you next time!


  1. How FANTASTIC! It looks great, you are doing a wonderful job (I have goosebumps, I am so excited for you)! Go Epic Farms, GO!! :-D

  2. Incredible amount of work and love is going into this project, I can tell. It looks fantastic!

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