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Sunday, July 19, 2009

We Squidoo, Do You??

Oh my goodness, Epic Farms is in the running for a $3,000 charity donation from Squidoo! In case you've never heard of it, Squidoo is an online community that allows you to build lenses (web pages) on just about anything you can come up with. It's fun!

This month, they decided to hold a contest for a charity giveaway of $3,000. In order to be eligible, each charity had 7 days to create 10 lenses - talk about your crossed eyeballs, right? Well, we did it! Tremendous thanks goes to my two legged and four legged family members for allowing me to closet myself in my office where I holed up like a mad scientist creating lenses left and right (got 'em done, though :o) After submitting our lenses, we were officially qualified and in the running. The winner of this donation will be decided by popular vote this Monday and Tuesday (July 20th and 21st) and the officials at Squidoo will make their announcement on Wednesday.

Voting opens "bright and early" tomorrow morning, (although I started biting my nails yesterday in preparation) and if you'd like to vote for us here's the link: You have to belong to Squidoo to vote, but signing up is a piece of cake. The competition is pretty stiff, but believe it or not there are only 8 competitors total. This means we have a pretty darn good shot at winning this donation!

Here are the lenses I created over the past week; just in case you'd like to see them: * * * * * *

Although we could definitely use the donation (with the storm damage and everything else we have going on around here :o) it is nice to know that however this ends up, the money will have gone to a worthy cause. You can't ask for better than that, now can you?

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  1. You have a wonderful attitude about the contest whichever way it goes, so that already makes you a winner. Good luck!

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