The next inSTALLment (shelter for The Girls)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

We missed a couple days of working on the stalls due to rain (and although Tuesday night was rain-free, we were all just too pooped to do anything but sit around and stare at each other :o)

Tonight we decided to put the dividers in between the stalls. We used 2x6's for these, not only for overall added stability, but also because any squabbling that takes place usually happens between the stalls (you know, "nah-nah" fights).

It would seem that Taya was feeling a bit guilty over sending Evinrude to supervise the other night; she was all over everywhere today...

I think she was a bit disappointed that there was no auger involved in today's work, but she did inspect the post hole diggers most carefully (I explained they were a low-tech relative to her favorite toy :o)

We managed to get all of the dividers put up tonight - it's coming right along. Next up will be the gates, hopefully followed by a metal roof (we still have not heard back from the building place yet, but I am ever hopeful) . I stood on my tippytoes to try to get you a decent photo of tonight's work:

It's looking good, isn't it?? Thanks so much for reading this post (see you next time :o)


  1. looks great! I gave you an award:

  2. So awesome! ;0) Michele, mvegan5

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